Easy-to-use Websites for Churches and Ministries

Finalweb's template-based hosting solution makes it easy for churches and ministries to have a professional website and email without unnecessary technical hassle. All you need is a browser in order to create a beautiful website and keep content fresh. We also provide a domain name, email hosting, complimentary support, unlimited sub-sites and so much more.

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Simple Menu Creation

Manage your website's menus with our convenient drag-and-drop menu builder. Choose from an unlimited number of pages, create sub-menus with flyout action and generate headings using our intuitive wizard layout.

Easy Content Editing

Editing a church/ministry website has never been easier. Drag-and-drop content items on custom-layout pages and inline text editing makes managing web content enjoyable.

Template Customization

Choose from a large number of templates and then easily customize the look using your own images or graphics from our library. Most templates also utilize a live color-palette modification tool which makes customization easier than ever.

Unlimited Sub-sites

A sub-site is a fresh instance of the entire CMS that can have its own template and menu structure. Create one for your Youth, Music, Outreach, or any other ministry that would want it. For a small fee we can even attach another domain name to the sub-site so that it stands out.

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