Annual fee: $42/year

Selling Finalweb sites is a great way to earn money. Resellers receive a 25% commission on any sites they sell of a $30 monthly value or greater. Commission checks are processed each month. Checks are not issued until you have accumulated $50 worth of commissions in your account. Commissions are only issued on payments received by your customers.

If you like, you may also offer to do the initial setup of your customers' sites. This may help earn some extra income at the front. Additionally, if you like, you may make your services available to your customers should they need any assistance with their site (managing content, learning how to use the system, etc). They will, of course, have access to Finalweb's technical support team as well.

NOTE: The Reseller Package is heavily discounted and may be used ONLY for the purpose of reselling Finalweb sites. Resellers will be audited regularly and their sites disabled if they are used for other purposes.

If you already have a template-based Finalweb site and would like to become a reseller, all you need to do is login to your Finalweb account and click "Reseller Options."

Domain RegistrationFREE
Monthly Transfer10 GBs
Online Storage100 MBs
E-mail Accounts3
Distribution Lists1
Unlimited Updates
Unlimited FTP Access
High Speed Hosting
Free Site Statistics
E-mail Autoresponder
Unlimited E-mail Aliases
POP3 / IMAP Web-based Email Access

Hot-Swappable Templates

Change to a different template whenever you want with no cost and no hassle. Your site data remains unchanged.

Unlimited Custom Pages

Create a separate site for each ministry within your organization at no extra cost! Sub-sites can have separate administrators and even their own web addresses.

Ready to Launch

Since our sites are based on pre-designed templates, your site can be up and running very quickly… Often within one day!

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Sites are viewable on every major browser on either PC or Mac.

Dynamic Page Capability

Our unique and powerful Dynamic Page creator lets you choose which components you want on a page and organize them as you desire.

HTML and Flash Design

Our sites use a combination of HTML and Flash technology to create the most visual appeal combined with the most intuitive and powerful features.

Integrate Images, Audio, and Video onto Pages

Easily post media files throughout yoursite to provide your users with a media-rich experience.

Newsfeed Integration

Include news articles, favorite blog headlines, or any other RSS published material on your website.

Template Generator

For designers, this feature gives you the ability to create your own template and integrate it with Finalweb's features and content management system.

Auto-Generated Sitemaps

Auto-generated sitemaps help users find your site quickly and efficiently using search engines.

META Tag Support

Publish basic information into your site's META keyword and description tags to aid users in finding your site on search engines.

Google Analytics

Easily integrate Google Analytics to track your site statistics, including file download tracking.

Friendly URL Creation

Add "Friendly URLs" to popular pages so that users can access them quickly and directly.
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