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Finalweb 2 Beta

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Finalweb 2.0 Beta is available now

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Finalweb 2.0 Beta FAQ

What is Finalweb 2?

Finalweb has been around for almost 2 decades and we've been busy rewriting Finalweb from the ground-up. We've based Finalweb 2 on the latest web technologies to bring Finalweb into the modern era.

This means you can take advantage of all the new design features seen on modern site designs and get a lot more out of your website.

With the old Finalweb, updates and new templates were slow and difficult to implement, so we've intentionally designed the new Finalweb to allow us to rapidly release more features and templates going forward.

For comparison, a new template on the old Finalweb may have taken weeks or months to create, but on the new Finalweb it can be done in a matter of hours or days.

Do I have to upgrade?

No, the current version of Finalweb isn't going anywhere! You can continue to use your current Finalweb site, and we will continue to support it as we always have.

Can I import my content into the new version?

During the Beta phase, we are mostly looking for customers to use the system and provide us with feedback on its functionality. You are welcome to go live with your Beta site if you wish. If you need help converting your current site into the new system, Finalweb will provide assistance to bring your data over.

Some features don't exist yet in the new version. Will they be added?

Yes. All features from the old system will be in the new system shortly, we are launching the beta with the most frequently used features and more will be added each week.