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Adding YouTube Videos to a Finalweb 1.0 Site


What is the best way to store video for on-demand viewing on my Finalweb 1.0 website?


Probably the best way to do this is to upload the videos to YouTube, and then integrate your videos into your website.  The process is quick, and has several advantages.  Since YouTube automatically converts videos into multiple bit-rate formats, the videos will be viewable by anyone regardless of their device type or internet speeds.  Also, having an active YouTube library can improve your website's search engine optimization.

To add YouTube videos to a library:
  1. Create a YouTube channel (they are free) and upload a video there.  Then, view the video and copy the address from the address bar.
  2. Login to your website.
  3. If you don't have a link to your Audio/Video Download Library already, click "Edit Top Menu" to edit your menu. Drag "Audio/Video Download Library" up to the menu and then save the menu.
  4. Click on the Audio/Video Download Library.
  5. Click "Add New Record" to add a file to the library.
  6. Title the file at the top.  Do not upload the file.  In the box that says "Off-Site URL," paste the address to the YouTube video.  Fill out any other desired info (date, speaker, etc) and save the file.
That will present the video as if it were part of your website, in your A/V download library.

To add an individual YouTube video to a page:
  1. Login to your website.
  2. Click "Add Web Page" on the lower-right.  Name the page and choose the option to add it to your top menu if desired (or create a link to it later), and save it.
  3. Click "Add Section" from the menu on the right.
  4. Drag the "Video" section type onto the page.
  5. Choose "YouTube" as the video type.
  6. Paste the YouTube address into the box provided, and set your sizing and alignment, then save.