Google provides a comprehensive web tracking solution called Google Analytics; one that is easy to integrate into any Finalweb website. Just go to and login or create a new account to get started.

After setting up your Google Account to use Google Analytics, you will be presented with a list of your current tracked sites. This image below shows a few existing accounts, but yours will most like have none. To create a new one, just click the New Account button.

Fill in all the fields, making sure you enter the correct domain name in the Web Site URL field. Give the account a unique name and then click the "Get Tracking ID" button when finished.

The next screen will display your tracking ID, the tracking status, as well as the tracking code you will need to use. The most important step here is to select all of the content in the tracking code textarea toward the bottom. Sometimes users just copy the actual tracking ID (i.e. UA-0000000-1) and not the entire script that is required. Once that is copied, you can then go to your website.

Log in and click to open the Site Manager. On the left menu, select Tools and then Google Analytics.

Your next screen will either let you enable Google Analytics or modify the tracking code; select whichever button or link you see.

The new page or window that opens will contain a large textarea into which the tracking code will need to be pasted. If there is any existig code be sure to just paste beneath what is there. After that, click save and wait until Google verifies that your tracking code has been installed successfully.

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