Google provides many useful tools, one of which is their Calendar application. And one of the best features of the Google Calendar, much like Google Maps, is the ability to embed the calendar into any website. This quick tutorial will walk you through how to do this in your Finalweb church website.

1. Log in to your Google account to manage the calendar. I won't go into detail on how to setup the calendar and add/modify events (here is more information - Google Calendar Documentation) but rather to prepare the Calendar for embedding into your website.

2. Click the drop-down arrow button next to your calendar and select "Calendar settings"


3. A very important task is to set the sharing correctly so that public visitors can view the calendar. Click on the "Share this Calendar" link beside the correct calendar to open sharing settings.

4. Be sure that the checkbox next to "Make the Calendar Public" is checked and then click Save.

5. Click on the Calendar title to open the page which will contain the embed code.

6. Select all the embed code next to "Embed This Calendar" and copy to your clipboard, You might need to modify some custom settings (such as calendar height and width), and to so you'll just need to click the "Customize..." link right above the code area.

7. Create a new web page, or open an existing one on your website on which the calendar should be embedded. Click the Add New Section and choose a Text/Image section, utilizing the "No Image" layout type. When the text editor appears, switch to the HTML view by clicking the "Source" button in the top left and then paste your copied code into the text area. When it's pasted, just click Save Changes.

When all is done, your calendar should neatly appear on the page like this:

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