Template-based hosted websites offer many benefits to custom-developed solutions. Besides the (huge) time and cost savings in initial set setup, a good template hosting service will provide the opportunity to quickly and easily change designs at any time you might need. This is certainly true of Finalweb's Church Website builder. Here are some basic steps to help give your site a new look.

1. Determine Your Needs

Think though what kinds of content should be present on the site, and also what kinds of content should not. Evaluating the answers to those questions will provide the foundation for the site, upon which the next several steps are built.

2. Decide Upon a Functional Design

Will the site need an top menu only? Will it need a top, side and bottom menu? Will there need to be informational boxes on the homepage? Will the topbar section hold images or announcement slides? Building upon the information gathered in step one, these questions will narrow down the template selection. Different Finalweb templates provide different menu solutions, so be sure to make sure the one you want has what you need. If you have questions on it, just call our support team to find out.

3. Deploy By Making the Switch

Select the template you want and have a look. All your content remains, and if you ever need to go back to the former template you can do so by selecting that one again (you want want to  make note of which it is before switching to a new one). There may be some work to do after changing - adding some new images or changing the menus around a bit, but all the content on your pages will automatically fit into the new template.

If you get stuck on any of these, please feel free to contact our support team for assistance. If you're interested, ask about our service of going through these steps for you at a competitive hourly rate. We can save you time and be sure to get a professional-looking template configured for you with no hassles.

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