Finalweb's Church Website builder features an easy-to-use menu builder that also packs in more functionality than one might expect. So, here's a quick overview of some of the things that can be done to make functional and helpful menus for your church website.

Here is a starting point - just a single "Home" link on a top menu:

Adding, removing and modifying menu items is as easy as clicking and dragging. The bottom area displays a detailed list of all the available pages from which a user can chose menu items;  let's overview these categories briefly.

1. Add More Content

Many options appear within this area - so many that you'll need to scroll down to see them all. These are standard pages that are included within the Church/Ministry package to make content creation simple. Each of these pages can be clicked, dragged and then dropped to the correct location in the top area. After navigating to the link from the webpage, there will still be configuration needed to be sure the page looks correct.

2. Dynamic Pages

Here lie dynamic pages that have been created, and also a link to add a new one. Once added, just like other pages, the title can be changed to anything that you'd like. If a new dynamic page is added, once you navigate to it from the website menu there will be a default view to add text to the page. (All the other content types will still be available.)

3. Static Pages

Similar to dynamic pages, static pages are custom content pages that only provide a text area for the page. We would recommend using a dynamic page instead of a static page, in case there ever arises to need to add other functionality to the page.

4. Forums and Blogs

Any created forums or blogs will be available in these sections. The Finalweb CMS is capable of containing several different blogs and forums for dispersing information from different individuals or on different subjects.

5. Forms

In this tab are all the created forms and questionnaires that have been created. Often, a Contact Us form is useful for handling general inquires.

6. Sub-sites

If your site has sites for various ministries or if you've separated calendars using sub-sites, then all of them will appear in this list. By default, the link that is created to a sub-site is directed to the homepage of that particular sub-site. If you are wanting to have a link go directly to a sub-site's calendar, download library, blog, etc., then you will need to create a custom link by copying the address and pasting.

7. Headers / Other

This is the section where headers and custom links can be created. A header renders differently for different menus and for different templates. On a side menu, for example, a header may outline a category, whereas on a top menu it will be a link over which a visitor hovers in order to see sub-items. The External Link option provides a way to enter a custom link location from inside your website (as exemplified in the Sub-sites section) or outside your website (such as a link to In order to create an external link, you will need to either type the address correctly or paste from your clipboard.

Once an item has been dragged and released into the active menu area, you will have the option to modify information on the link, depending upon its type. Non-custom links will have a title and sub-title option, and the sub-title only appears on certain menus on certain templates so it can usually be blank. On custom links, a field for the URL will be visible. Save the link information to set the changes.

Hierarchical Menus

In order to give menus nested hierarchy, the first step is to double-click the menu item which will serve as the main item for the flyout list. The main link can still be a "live" link, pointing to another page, or can be simply a header that does not link anywhere. Once double-clicked, a new area will appear in which new items can be placed. Use existing active menu items or items from the arsenal below to fill up the submenu area until complete.

Once all menu changes are complete, click the Save Menu button to commit changes.


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