Embedding a map to your location is a fairly simple process, and can add a helpful feature to make your website more functional. Here's a quick demonstration of how to add a Google Map using the Finalweb church website builder:

First, open up Google Maps and search for your address.

Next, click on share then embed and copy the source code for the map. Be sure to use the HTML information that is given, not the link (unless that's all you're after).

Find the page on which you would like to place the map. If you need to create a new one, just select "Add Web Page" from the Admin Toolbar. If you are working with a dynamic page, add a new Text section, or edit an existing one. If you are on a default home page, you can just click the "Edit Front Page" button. The blank text editor looks like this:

In order to be able to paste the map data into the editor, you will first need to switch to the Source view by clicking on the "Source" button in the top left of the toolbar. Doing so will allow HTML code to be placed into the text area. Pasting the map code, then, will look like this:

Save changes, and then you will see the map on your webpage:

NOTE: Google and other map providers also allow for customized settings on embed code. Take some time to adjust the height and width of your map, as well as other pertinent modifications that might be helpful before you copy the HTML script.

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