Each Finalweb church website comes with an automatically-generated mobile version. The great benefit of a mobile-friendly website is usability on various portable devices. Smart phones and tablets (and iPods) have browsers that can display full content, but it's often difficult to navigate. To get around this issue, we've created a simple interface that focuses on rendering content in an efficient yet beautiful manner.

By default, the mobile version pulls menu items from the menus that are already created on your website. This means that you don't actually have to do any work to have a functional version for mobile devices. If you do, however, want to have more control over what options are visible on the mobile site, you can easily use the mobile menu builder to customize.

Mobile Menu Builder

The same page content is pulled into the smart phone's browser, but it's designed to fit the smaller screen appropriately. Images are automatically resized, and visitors even have the option on switching to the full site view if desired.Visit your website on a mobile device to see what it looks like, and navigate to the mobile menu builder in the Site Manager to customize what your members see.

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