Sometimes there isn't quite enough room on the screen to do the work that needs to be done. Our developers have implemented a couple of solutions that make it easier to navigate larger forms, or to make larger text entries.

When editing most pages, a pop-up modal window view is displayed. The webpage dims, and the configuration form comes into view. By default, the width is set to a certain value, and the height varies depending upon your browser resolution. If you would like to have greater width or height in the editing window, just click the "Maximize" button at the top of the screen. This will increase the size of the area to fit just about the entire browser.

If you are typing content into the text editor, and you feel it would be nice to have some more real estate to work with, you can easily expand that area as well. First, there is a small button that will hide the toolbar, which provides a little extra space. This button is the down arrow at the far right and bottom of the toolbar. Secondly, towards the right side of the bottom row of the toolbar is a maximize button. If you click this, the entire editor will expand to the full size of the window. If you've already clicked the Maximize button on the popup view itself, clicking the editor maximize will give a full-screen text environment.

To maximize the maximizing capability, just use both options. The result is something like this:

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