Long URLs can be annoying. If your church website has, say, a subsite for the youth group, the location might be something like: "www.mysamplechurch.org/sites/cpage.asp?sec_id=190012384&cpage_id=16093884". That's not the easiest string to remember, nor is it all that nice to look at. Enter friendly URLs, a way to easily clean up the paths to your pages for convenience and SEO optimization. Instead of a long URL, you could announce something much easier, like "www.mysamplechurch.org/youth".

Behind the scenes, a friendly URL is simply a virtual directory within Internet Information Services on the web server. The name of the friendly url is used as the name of the pretend folder that points to an actual file within the website. It's kinda like creating a shortcut to a file, so that you don't have to navigate through a bunch of folders to find what you want.

To create a friendly URL, just log in and navigate to the Site Manager. From the left menu, select Tools - Add/Modify Friendly URLs. (NOTE: If you are using a trial site, this feature will not be available, since there has to be a domain name and a site configured on the server in order for it to work) Just type in a name and the entire URL (inlcuding "http://") and click the "Add Friendly URL" button to save. The configuration will take up to 30 minutes to complete, but once it's done you'll be set to go with an easier way to get to your pages. Feel free to make as many of these as you like.

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