A few months ago, all church website users were provided an upgraded menu builder for all menu layouts on any site Finalweb hosts. This new menu builder contains a few key features that provide specific control over menu elements and allow an easy (and fun) user interface for working with items. Here are just a few highlights to demonstrate capability and provide assistance in case you get stuck:

Drag and Drop

We have developed a state-of-the-art system that allows intuitive reordering/adding/deleting of menu items. All you need to do to be able to create or remove or rearrange your menu links is click on one and then move to the location it should be. To move one link to another position, just click and drag the element to another spot within the menu. To add another item, just select the page type from the huge list of available content at the bottom, and drag it to the correct position in the menu. To delete a menu element, just click and drag to the trash can. This is an amazingly simple way to create a powerful menu structure.


In order to do the drag-and-drop operations with submenu items, you'll need to double-click the parent element. For instance, if you have a "Resources" link or header in the menu, double-click the link to see an expanded box for adding submenu links. Just drag items from the library below (or from another location in the menu) into the newly-opened area, and flyout links will be automatically generated.

Create New Pages

In past CMS versions, users had to click a link to create a new page, and then go add that page to a menu. While that can still be done, the menu builder can now actually facilitate the creation of new pages. At the bottom of the menu builder page, under the "Add More Content" tab, you'll find several options of page types, and also under "Dynamic Pages" tab, a "New Dynamic Page" option. After adding one of these new pages, saving, and clicking on the link in your site, you'll be prompted to add new content.

The menu structure is an important part of a good web design, and this tool aims to make your menu building experience easy and productive.

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