When a new customer begins an account with Finalweb, they frequently have an existing domain name that needs to be transferred, or possibly reconfigured so that it will point to the content that we host. Or, in other cases, an extra domain is purchased separately and needs to be transferred as a secondary or replacement domain for a website. Either way, there are some essential things to understand when going through a domain name transfer process.

First, the transfer of domains occurs between domain registrars. A registrar is an online provider that sells and distributes domain names and their ancillary information (contact information, security, nameserver addresses, etc.). So, when a transfer needs to happen in order to move your domain to Finalweb, we are actually leveraging the services of the registrar that we resell, which is Enom.com. This is why much of the correspondence for the transfer takes place between you, the owner, and the two (sending and receiving) registrar companies.

Second, it is imperative that before a transfer be started, the administrative and registrant contact information that is associated with your domain is updated - especially the email address listed. This address is used during the transfer to verify its sending and receiving, and the process will fail if that email is not opened and its instructions followed. 

Third, any security on the domain will need to be disabled and the domain lock must be turned off (or else the transfer will fail right from the start).

Last, we need for you to secure the transfer code (sometimes called an EPP code or authorization ID or code) and then send it to us. Each registrar is a little bit different in how you can find this code (or any of the other listed items above), so you may need to check with their support and documentation to find out what to do. Once we have the code we can begin the transfer and notify you when it is completed, usually within 2-7 business days.

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