The Finalweb Mobile native app solution has just released and provides a host of mobile-integrated solutions for your church. One of these features is the ability to collect donations via PayPal straight from your church's mobile app. But there are a few steps required in order to have this working correctly, and they are outlined here.

First, navigate to and login with your PayPal account. After you've been logged in, click on the "Dashboard" link in the top menu to get started:

The next screen lists out all the apps the you've configured to work with your PayPal account; most likely there will be none here. To create an ID for your Finalweb Mobile app, click on the "Create App" button in the top right of the My REST apps content area.

To create a new app, simply provide an arbitrary App Name in the field provided. This will most-likely be the name of your church or ministry. The Sandbox developer account should be pre-filled for you; just leave it as it is.

The next screen shows that the app was created successfully. The app display name is the same as the app name, but you can change it to be something else if you'd like. The Client ID is lower on the page and will need to be copied to your clipboard for use in the Finalweb App Manager.

Having copied the Client ID, go to your website's App Manager and select the App Configuration tile from the quicklink section.

Lastly, paste the Client ID into the provided fields (both the Production ID and Sandbox ID fields should be entered, and they should contain the same copied string). If you would like to test out the payments in your app for a while, choose "Sandbox" in the PayPal Mode dropdown list; otherwise set it to Production.

Save the changes and that's all. You may have to wait for a few minutes for the app to refresh with your new settings, but before long you can begin testing and using PayPal donations from your church's Finalweb Mobile app, whether you are using the Unbranded or the Branded solution.

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