Website graphics serve several important functions and they should, therefore, be added with purpose and careful thought. One way to make graphics more interesting is to add overlay text for highlighting events or promoting a concept which captures the interest of the audience. Finalweb provides a helpful tool for church websites that makes adding overlay text to banner images simple.

One method of adding text to images involves image editing software such as Photoshop to do the job. This route offers much flexibility and can help doctor-up pictures to make them look better for the web as well. But one limitation is the fact that the text added is not recognized by search engines. If text is, instead, actually a part of the website's HTML, but sitting on top of an image, it is visible to search engines and can help with search ranking or promotion of various events.

On some of our templates, there exists a tool to render specified overlay text overtop of topbar images. You'll know that your template has this capability if you see fields for title text and sub-title text inside each topbar image's configuration. Some templates also permit specific arrangement of text as well.

If your template doesn't have this feature, feel free to explore the library to see if another would fit what you'd like to do. We're also hard at work to release new templates with this functionality, and at the same time developing the feature into existing templates.

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