One of the best features of a site powered by Finalweb is the ability to quickly and easily switch between templates. Whether you have a lot of content or just a few pages, doing a design makeover is actually far simpler than you might imagine; here are a few things to keep in mind.

First, remember that any change you make to the template is live, so that visitors on the site will see it in the new design as soon as it is selected. That shouldn't dissuade you from trying one out, since you can easily switch back to the old design at any time without losing any content. Guaranteed. That said, you still may want to make the change during a time when you expect low traffic (such as nighttime), since there will be a few other things you may need to configure before it's all ready.

Second, you will want to be sure you have your default page correctly configured. Each template has a different set of features for the standard default page, and you might be missing out on them if you simply have a dynamic page set as the home page. Feel free to remove the default setting on the current page if you do have it set up that way, since you can always add it back as the default page if you'd like.

Third, there are a couple things you may want to address after switching.

1. Topbar images may need to be remade to fit new dimensions. Every template handles the sizing of topbar images differently, so you will need to either resize in the browser tools or on your machine and the re-upload.

2. Images added within the content sections of your site may also need to be changed, depending upon the sizing of the content area. Each template's width is different (for the most part), so you'll want to look through each page to make sure the images on them appear correctly.

3. If you've embedded code into the site for rendering content from a third-party provider (such as a Google Map or Google Calendar), you may also want to check the width settings on those embedded sections.

4. Your logo may not look great in the new template. Either change it up or perhaps remove it altogether since most new templates will simply write out your site's name in a themed font style if there is no image for the logo.

Once you're certain all the images and topbar items on the new template are in order, you may also want to change the color scheme and/or change the background image if it's supported on the new template. Those things may seem slight, but can have a significantly helpful impact on the look of your site. Overall, you will likely be surprised at how much your site can improve in its look and feel with just a few minutes of work.

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