Annual fee: $42/year (No startup fee)

Finalweb offers the opportunity for you to become a reseller of our products. You can sell sites from any Finalweb template-based site. If you don't have one and would like to be a reseller anyway, you can purchase a Reseller Package site for only $42/year.

Selling Finalweb sites is a great way to earn money. Resellers receive a 25% commission on any sites they sell of a $30 monthly value or greater. Commission checks are processed each month. Checks are not issued until you have accumulated $50 worth of commissions in your account. Commissions are only issued on payments received by your customers.

If you like, you may also offer to do the initial setup of your customers' sites. This may help earn some extra income at the front. Additionally, if you like, you may make your services available to your customers should they need any assistance with their site (managing content, learning how to use the system, etc). They will, of course, have access to Finalweb's technical support team as well.

NOTE: The Reseller Package is heavily discounted and may be used ONLY for the purpose of reselling Finalweb sites. Resellers will be audited regularly and their sites disabled if they are used for other purposes.

If you already have a template-based Finalweb site and would like to become a reseller, all you need to do is log in to your Finalweb account and click "Reseller Options."

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