WELS Pricing

Members of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod receive a 20% discount on any of our Live Streaming plans (the prices below include this discount).

Pro Payment Plan - More storage, transcoding for mobile viewing

Viewer Hours Monthly Price Weekly Viewers Included Storage Mobile Viewing

Overage rates for both plans are $0.30 per additional viewer hour and $0.30 per additional gigabyte used for storage.

NOTE: Viewer hours that are unused at the end of the month do not roll over to the next month.
*Plans with transcoding automatically convert video to be viewable on mobile devices.

You may stream at any data rate, but additional fractions of viewer hours may be deducted if you stream above 1000 kbps on a single stream. For most users this won't matter as you can easily broadcast an HD stream under 1000 kbps, and the default Finalweb publisher on "High Quality" does not exceed this amount.

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