One of the most beneficial qualities of Finalweb's Church Website builder is that the product is quite simple to use, yet also affords greatly detailed functionality if needed. A perfect illustration of this fact lies in Google Analytics code section.

This code area was designed to primarily allow for Google Analytics code to be inserted easily into every page of a website, since the block of script is inserted at the bottom of each page. Because of the site-wide nature of this information, it also affords an opportunity to add other scripts that would be beneficial on every page as well.

To modify the custom script area, just go into the Site Manager and then select "Google Analytics" from the Tools menu. If Google Analytics has not yet been enabled, press the button to enable it, or click to modify the current code. Now, be certain that the script added into this section is completely correct and not harmful to the site, or else there might be unpleasant affects to the site which could be hard to correct. If this does happen, feel free to contact our support team to figure it out.

Many widgets can be added through this means, copying and pasting code provided from other websites. Another possible function for advanced users is to interact with the current page DOM to modify layout slightly. An example of this would be to find the ID of, say, the side menu and then modify the style attribute to make the display hidden. Whatever you choose to use it for, remember to be careful and accurate.

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