iTunes PodcastingOne of the most compelling reasons to have a church website is to provide visitors recordings of weekly sermons. An easy-to-use library of audio files with sorting by date, text, speaker, etc. can make your sermons accessible for anyone who visits the site. This library, however, requires users to remember to come back each week to download or listen to the most recent addition. A convenient tool for making the files even more easily accessible is the podcast.

By far the most popular podcast reader is iTunes, a free download from Adding a feed is simple, but it might not be the most intuitive part of the application. Under the "Advanced" menu, click "Subscribe to Podcast…", then paste the URL to the podcast feed and click OK. iTunes will automatically download new sermons once they have been added to the podcast feed file.

To retrieve a podcast feed from your church website, navigate to the sermon download library click the "Subscribe to Podcast" button. If there are categories created for the library, you'll have the opportunity to select a particular podcast, or to subscribe to everything. The next window will provide the podcast feed URL; copy and paste into iTunes (or the player of your choice).

Now, the easiest step of all. How do you create the podcast file? What do you have to do to get the file on your site for visitors to copy? The answer - nothing. Just add files to the download library as usual and the podcast feed is generated automatically. No need to know how to code or anything. This solution will add great benefit to your church website without any extra work.

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