The latest major trend in web design has to do with "responsiveness" in websites. What this means is that a site that is considered to be "responsive" adapts its layout to fit (or respond) to whatever device is accessing it. So, the desktop version of a site and a mobile phone version are the same design, carry the same color scheme and theme, etc., but they are both distinct in how they are actually displayed on the screen.

This trend is great because sites that employ such a design make helpful accommodation for the growing amount of mobile traffic. But finding a template-based CMS that can give you both a responsive design and the features your organization needs is more of a difficult chore than it perhaps should be. This is due to the fact that many solutions offering a responsive layout at low cost are actually not really providing much functionality besides adding text to a page. So, a solution that offers more functionality ends up costing significantly more, because that's what the market allows.

Here at Finalweb, we're looking to bring you the best of all three - attractive, responsive designs combined with great functionality and ultra-low cost. 

And, as a start, we've recently released some responsive templates that even have unique tools for creating a beautiful homepage for your site. To start using one of these, just go to the "Change Template" link in your admin toolbar and then choose 6500, 6510 or 6511. If you are not yet using Finalweb, feel free to start a free trial today.

Here are some pictures of what one of them (Template 6511) looks like:



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