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Creating a church website has never been easier and more affordable. Finalweb's church website builder makes it simple for you to create and host a site for your church that is powerful, feature-rich, clean, and attractive.

Finalweb's site builder works great for businesses, schools, and other organizations as well! Start a free trial today to learn how easy creating websites can be with Finalweb's CMS.

Recent Updates

(1/22/2014) Added the ability to create groups and assign permissions to them, then add users to those groups.  This should make assigning permissions for multiple administrators much more friendly.  This is done under Site Manager > User Accounts > Edit Login Accounts.

(1/22/2014) Added the ability to specify that forms can accept file submissions when users fill them out.  Users can then fill out an online form, and on the following page, upload a file to accompany their submission.  This is activated under Site Manager > Pages and Content > Form & Questionnaire Builder (then edit the settings for the desired form and allow file submissions).

(1/22/2014) Added new search field to Site Manager > User Accounts > Edit Login Accounts for quicker locating of user accounts.

Finalweb Tips and Tricks Blog

Google Domain Verification

In order to use certain tools provided by Google with your Finalweb church website, you may be required to verify your domain name. Doing so may seem difficult, but there are actually only a couple of action steps needed. Here is a quick overview of what to do.

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First Impressions

First impressions affect us more than we may be aware of or care to admit. Your website’s home page can be considered a first impression to anyone who is visiting your site for the first time. It serves as an opportunity to give people a glimpse to your unique identity and what matters to you. It also serves as a preview to your latest developments and activities. This is especially true for church websites as they seek to convey their distinctive values and unique programs.

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Switching to a New Template

One of the best features of a site powered by Finalweb is the ability to quickly and easily switch between templates. Whether you have a lot of content or just a few pages, doing a design makeover is actually far simpler than you might imagine; here are a few things to keep in mind.

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